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Power Supply - The Threat

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With the number of blackouts on the increase, every business has to be pro-active and plan their backup power solution now.

Electrical power is your ultimate dependency, with the majority of critical business services dependent upon it, however it is becoming less reliable.

The UK power generation is precariously balanced.. ..relying on a safety net that doesn’t exist…” David White (Member of the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies and Energy Affairs.

enterprises without power protection strategies…need to implement them before it’s too late” Dr. James Kennedy (NCO, SRP, MBCI).

This poses a severe threat to the functioning and profitability of your organisation, with all critical business services dependant upon it.

As the growing number of power cuts cripple businesses worldwide, proactive businesses need to plan now to keep their doors open.

Unless you take action NOW the next blackout could severely damage your reputation and ultimately your profitability.

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