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generator leasing,generator rental

generator leasing,  generator rental

Our bespoke generator leasing gives energy    provision to satisfy finance & technical needs, giving you peace of mind...Leave it all to Us.


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Power Supply - The Threat We Can Solve

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sounds interesting?

Picture yourself and your organisation in this scenario...

You knew the threat of blackouts would increase, so you planned.

You spoke with Generator Associates so that when the power goes off...-

your new generator kicks in, and your computer systems and servers, telephones, machinery, heating, and lighting stay on.

Your reputation stays in tact. Your activities continue.
You Win!

(Or would you rather the alternatives did apply to you?)

Generator Associates provide backup generators and UPS with leasing solutions making this both easy and cost-effective.

A unique combination!

Alongside the threat of power blackouts, is the possibility that local electricity companies cannot provide sufficient power.

Various businesses are realising that when they move to new premises, or expand their power requirements within existing premises...

.local electricity companies can only provide the essential additional power at an excessive cost to their business, if at all.

We have been able to help various organisations in this situation, by providing their complete mains power. Take a look at some of our recent projects to see how one large automotive parts manufacturer choose Generator Associates to provide their entire power supply.

Like to know more of what we offer then please call us on 01623 624 005 or email us, remember, we are here to solve your problems, Today!


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