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 generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk  
generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk

  • Is the grid enough?

    When the power fails... your organisation can fail... Backup generators are the new "must have gadget" for proactive organisations. Don't gamble the success of your future... Don't put your future in the hands of others... Generator Sales, Hire, Lease, Installation - The package.
  • Power independent

    With the national grids increasing reliability on unstable countries for our electricity and gas, its time organisations acted proactively to secure their energy. A generator aids you in becoming energy independent. Plan for future mains blackouts or brownouts by contacting GA Power Solutions today in order to obtain your free power assessment.
  • Gas & CHP generators

    Lean-burn gas generator sets are designed to provide reliable performance and very low emissions. Ideal for water treatment plants, landfill waste-to-energy as well as leisure facilities and hospitals, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power in one single, highly efficient process.
  • Something special?

    If you need an extra high electrical load not provided by singular generators, we can sell multiple generators that can be synchronised together, enabling a multi mega watt generator solutions. GA Power Solutions are truely your one stop shop for all of your generator sales needs.
  • Enclosed generators

    We can design and build bespoke canopies and containers for your generator package. When sound levels or temperature control require specialist know how, our team can make it happen. Whether it be for special military projects, or complex plant rooms, we can advise, design and supply the entire generator and ancillary package - leave it all to us!
  • What do you fancy...

    Cummins... Volvo... FG Wilson... Perkins... Olympian... Scania... Caterpillar...Pramac? These are just some of the generator manufacturers we can sell. Want something abit different? Don't worry, tell us what you want and let us find the ideal generator for you.
  • UPS - efficiency

    The ECO UPS systems we can supply prove that even a small saving in electrical usage generates substantial financial benefits These very real savings are quickly reflected by enhanced profitability. An ECO UPS can pay for itself in savings within 2 years when replacing an inefficient UPS system.
  • Turn us on today

    Power is not an option... its a necessity! If you want a generator or UPS solution to meet your operational and financial designs, you need to contact the specialists - call us today on 01623 624005 for a real solution.
GA Power Solutions
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
GA Power Solutions offer a unique service of attending site to investigate your existing power protection systems and infrastructure, followed by a comprehensive Power Continuity or Contingency Plan. This is increasingly required by insurers and policy makers, and critical to winning you new business when the services you provide your customers rely on electricity.

The second part of our service offering is an
agreement which guarantees your organisation continued power from a standby or emergency generator system, when your mains power supply is interrupted. For a fixed monthly fee, we will have your power restored in a matter of hours, allowing your business to continue trading and keep your customers happy.  As power brownouts and blackouts become a regular occurrence in the future, be it storms or failures from the already overloaded national grid, now is the time to be proactive and put your power contingency plan into action.

For more information or prices please contact us by phone on 01623 624005 or why not click the Chat Live icon at the top right of the page to speak with someone now.
ensuring your business remains functional and keeping your customers happy
Power protection planning is vital, as every organisation is vulnerable to a serious incident such as fire, power failure, or flood which would prevent its normal operations.  Forward thinking organisations appreciate how such as plan, when properly prepared by experts and well implemented, ensures the commercial "life blood" of their business throughout a power disaster. Failing to consider what may happen in such an emergency, could lead you to troubled waters.

The philosophy is simple - proactive organisations who employ the services of energy professionals to assess and advise on power protection will fare much better in the ever turbulent energy future.

Choosing GA Power Solutions to attend site and provide a power contingency plan on what is required to provide emergency power for your mission critical systems, which is then properly implemented is the decision made by an ever increasing number of private and public sector bodies.

Do not wait until a power failure hits your facility before you act. Forward planning is the key to power integrity and significantly reduces the financial and reputation implications that a mains power failure would have on your organisation.

A loss of power for hours, minutes or even a few seconds could create havoc for your IT servers, computer networks, telephone and security systems, manufacturing processes or other ancillary services.  Even power spikes and dips can have devastating effects on today's sophisticated electronics. Customer service levels take a nose dive, and the commercial impact can be enormous.

Main drivers behind choosing a power contingency plan:
Critical systems disasters due to power failures often lead to business failures
28% of all computer system breakdowns are caused by power failures.

Prevents loss of reputation -
although you may have insurance in place to cover the financial losses, no insurance can provide relief from the loss of goodwill, market share and damage to a company’s reputation following a critical systems disaster.

Improved employee productivity - On each occasion you suffer a power failure, the lost working time increases. When the power cut is extensive, an entire day of lost production and sales can occur.

Taking control - being in control of your own power brings the responsibility and rewards back to the organisation. No longer needing to be at the mercy of the national grid.









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plan ahead
We help you prepare and plan for incidences that may impact upon your power.  Our engineers attend site to analyse your existing power protection solution, and assess a wide range of facilities and scenarios. They will work with you to understand the critical business systems.  They will consider what systems you already have such as backup generators or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), or whether you have the correct electrical infrastructure should an emergency generator be required.

Once compiled, the engineer will work on your bespoke power contingency plan, providing details of what is required to achieve certain levels of power protection. The equipment required in the event of a mains power failure will also be detailed, such as hire equipment which will provide a source of electricity whilst your mains is not functional. 

Costings will also be provided in the way of a mixed monthly fee, which would reserve equipment so that it is on constant standby just for your organisation as part of your disaster recovery plan.  One call is all that would then be needed to implement your contingency plan.  Some business systems may require immediate permanent power solutions such as a UPS system. Whereas others may be more suited to a emergency backup generator within say 4 hours of power failure.

The next step...
Contact us today for your initial free power assessment, and then instruct us to provide you with your own bespoke power contingency plan. Its the most proactive and cost effective investment you are ever likely to make.


generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  

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