generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk

generator & ups supply, generator hire & rental, generator & ups leasing

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 generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk  
generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk

  • Is the grid enough?

    When the power fails... your organisation can fail... Backup generators are the new "must have gadget" for proactive organisations. Don't gamble the success of your future... Don't put your future in the hands of others... Generator Sales, Hire, Lease, Installation - The package.
  • Power independent

    With the national grids increasing reliability on unstable countries for our electricity and gas, its time organisations acted proactively to secure their energy. A generator aids you in becoming energy independent. Plan for future mains blackouts or brownouts by contacting GA Power Solutions today in order to obtain your free power assessment.
  • Gas & CHP generators

    Lean-burn gas generator sets are designed to provide reliable performance and very low emissions. Ideal for water treatment plants, landfill waste-to-energy as well as leisure facilities and hospitals, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power in one single, highly efficient process.
  • Something special?

    If you need an extra high electrical load not provided by singular generators, we can sell multiple generators that can be synchronised together, enabling a multi mega watt generator solutions. GA Power Solutions are truely your one stop shop for all of your generator sales needs.
  • Enclosed generators

    We can design and build bespoke canopies and containers for your generator package. When sound levels or temperature control require specialist know how, our team can make it happen. Whether it be for special military projects, or complex plant rooms, we can advise, design and supply the entire generator and ancillary package - leave it all to us!
  • What do you fancy...

    Cummins... Volvo... FG Wilson... Perkins... Olympian... Scania... Caterpillar...Pramac? These are just some of the generator manufacturers we can sell. Want something abit different? Don't worry, tell us what you want and let us find the ideal generator for you.
  • UPS - efficiency

    The ECO UPS systems we can supply prove that even a small saving in electrical usage generates substantial financial benefits These very real savings are quickly reflected by enhanced profitability. An ECO UPS can pay for itself in savings within 2 years when replacing an inefficient UPS system.
  • Turn us on today

    Power is not an option... its a necessity! If you want a generator or UPS solution to meet your operational and financial designs, you need to contact the specialists - call us today on 01623 624005 for a real solution.
GA Power Solutions
GA Power offer a range of backup and prime power solutions. Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Lease, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions are experts in offering cost effective solutions to your power supply problems.

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience, we provide power solutions to all markets who require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
We provider a range of both open & enclosed super-silenced generators. From diesel, gas to petrol generators we have something for all standby, or primary & emergency power requirements. We offer sales, lease as well as hire of generator systems.  We also manufacture our own diesel generators & bespoke silenced enclosures for complete design customisation.

Our partner arrangements with numerous generator and UPS manufacturers mean we can supply, install and service complete power solutions. We can offer a power solutions that is the right size and type of generator system for your specific application and budget. From standard off the shelf generators to fully customised plant room & data centre containerised installations.

Our experience and expertise cover every aspect of generator sales and installations.  Our sales engineers will assess your requirements and advise on the best solution for you. We sell Cummins, FG Wilson, Pramac, Olympian, Perkins & Volvo diesel and gas generators , as well as our own manufactured in the UK, with a wide range held in stock.  For more information on standard or custom generators, contact us now .
diesel and gas generator set sales
Our Generator Sales team specialise in the design, specification, sale, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a full range of Cummins, FG Wilson, Pramac, Volvo, Perkins, and Olympian diesel and gas generator sets among others. 

We have supply agreements with most of the major manufacturers, as well as being able to custom design and build our own generators in the UK. We can offer other manufacturers such as Caterpillar if preferred by the client.

Click here to go straight to our generator manufacturer page.

GA Power Solutions can supply your new generator or UPS
on our special leasing packages meaning you do not have to purchase outright - low initial outlay – low monthly rental - 100% tax allowable. Maintenance contract and installation can be included in your fixed monthly rental. All rentals are 100% allowable against tax during the term of the lease agreement, which is a substantial improvement on the normal tax allowance if the generator or UPS were to be acquired by traditional methods.

As standard most manufacturers hold stock of 1 - 1000kVA diesel generators for sale, or on short lead times. Should larger generators for sale not be in stock, our lead times are competitive as we have the flexibility of offering our own GenAss generators made here in the UK.

All the generators from 5kVA to 3300kVA in single units can be ordered as standard or custom designed to meet your particular specification.  We can also sell generators which can be synchronised together in order to achieve extra high electrical loads. 

With a wide reaching expertise in Diesel Generators, Gas Generators, & Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), GA Power Solutions are the only company who offer a full spectrum of supply & support; from Sales, Hire, Lease, to Installation & Servicing. A true one stop shop for generator projects. 






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When it comes to generator sales the generators we can offer are suitable for both permanent and temporary applications. They can be designed to act as mains primary power should there be no or insufficient mains on site, or as a backup solution in the event of mains failure.

They can be ordered as open set, designed for use in plant rooms, or sold within self-contained acoustic canopies and containers. All enclosed generators comply with the latest European Community Noise Directive 2000/14/EC.  In addition to the standard ISO acoustic containers, we are specialists in the bespoke design and build of noise attenuated containers.  

As a authorised Cummins partner we not only offer diesel generators for sale, but also offer Lean-burn gas generator sets for sale. These lean-burn generators are designed to provide reliable performance, high fuel efficiency and very low emissions for applications including high-hour peaking, prime power and combined heat and power (CHP). The design of the Cummins gas engine results in high power output, maximum thermal efficiency and N0x emissions as low as 0.7 grams per brake horsepower-hour.

As part of our generator sales services, we also supply and install switchgear as well as other ancillaries such as external fuel tanks, load cable, distribution units & security compounds.  GA Power Solutions aim to offer a complete package for organisations in need of reliable & efficient standby, emergency or prime power.

For more detailed information on the range of generators we can supply for sale or lease click here.




generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  

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