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Generator load testing from the generator and UPS experts - giving you peace of mind...Leave it all to Us.


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Load Testing

When a generator is lightly loaded or runs for long periods with no applied load, the engine never reaches full operating temperature and unburned fuel deposits build up inside.


The internal bores also tend to glaze over reducing the effectiveness of the piston rings allowing combustion gasses to pass into the sump.


Either one or both of the above will drastically reduce the life of your engine.


Many generators are covering critical areas where they need to be able to perform to their maximum capability.


For many reasons, it is often the case in these critical areas that the generator can not be tested against the required load of the critical area that it is covering and until the generator is called upon to run in anger any output problems lay undetected.


Failure of the generator at these critical times can have catastrophic results even loss of life. It is therefore essential that the generator undergoes the application of a simulated electrical load to reduce the risk of the above scenarios happening.

Our load testing services cover/provide...
     :: Electrical load testing up to 1.5MW
     :: Resistive and inductive load banks
     :: Extend generator life
     :: Identify faults early thus minimising risk
     :: Reduce running costs
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