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generator hire, leasing industrial commercial generators, renting generators, generator leasing, uk, generator associates

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Bunded generator fuel tanks make transporting and storing fuel simple and cost effective.


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Industrial Bunded GenAss Fuel Tanks

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GenAss steel bunded fuel tanks are the answer to the ever increasing legislation regarding storage and transportation of fuels.

What Are GenAss Bunded Fuel Tanks:
GenAss bunded tanks are crafted using high grade mild steel & then hot
         dipped galvanised to prevent rust. The inner tank stores the fuel, whilst the
         outer tank provides a safety storage area in the unlikely event that the
         internal tank leaks.

      :: All seams are robot welded to exacting standards. They can be lifted via 4
         lifting eyes, or forklifted from any side, making them ideal for fuel storage.

      :: GenAss bunded tanks have an easy to remove steel inner tank to enable
         maintenance and inspection.

Why Safety & Price Conscious Clients Choose GenAss Bunded Fuel Tanks

These tanks offer high quality fuel storage at affordable prices, being ADR, PPG2 (Pollution Protection Guidelines) compliant and UN approved.

We offer a range of mobile and static diesel tanks. Our mobile fuel tanks are ideal for transportation by truck and shipping container. All transportable tanks carry a 3 year guarantee. Click Here for More Details.

All connections, hoses and pumps can be housed and locked inside the bund to help reduce theft issues.

What Size Tanks Do We Offer:

We are always expanding our range, but currently we can offer a range of static fuel tank sizes:

      :: 225 litres
      :: 450 litres
      :: 950 litres
      :: 2000 litres
      :: 2500 litres
      :: 3000 litres

We also offer 950 litres & 2000 litre trailerised mobile fuel tanks.

So What Do You Need To Do Now? - Choose Your Colour!

Our GenAss Bunded Fuel Tanks can be finished in any specified colour.

We can also supply a range of AC & DC fuel transfer pumps along with hand pumps and meters. 

Alongside our fuel tanks, we offer complete system Leasing,
Generator Hire and rental, and Fuel Management,

To receive prices or further information on our excellent generator
fuel tanks or other products & services, call us now on 01623 624005, or Click Here to email us your requirements, and let us solve your fuel and generator problems today.

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