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 generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk  
generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk

  • Save on heating & cooling costs

    The Cummins diesel & natural gas CHP products capture your "waste heat" & make sure it doesn't go to waste - typically cutting your fuel & CO2 production in HALF whilst saving you upto 35% on overall energy costs. Contact us now to start reducing your energy & operating costs.
  • Power independent

    With the national grids increasing reliability on Unstable countries for our electricity and gas, its time organisations acted proactively to secure their energy. A generator aids you in becoming energy independent. Plan for future mains blackouts - get your free power assessment today.
  • Gas & CHP gensets

    Lean-burn gas generator sets are designed to provide reliable performance & very low emissions. Ideal for water treatment plants, landfill waste-to-energy & hospitals,(CHP) integrates the production of usable heat & power in one single, highly efficient process.
  • Something special?

    If you need an extreamly high electrical load not offered by singular generators we can sell multiple generators to be synchronised together, enabling a multi mega watt generator solution. GA Power Solutions are a one-stop shop.
  • Tailored chp systems

    We can design & build bespoke combined heat & power solutions for clients in a whole range of markets including food & chemical processing plants, paper mills, commercial bakeries, health clubs & hotel resorts, nursing homes & data centres Let us design you a system that delivers.
  • Energy efficiency loans

    These loans from the Carbon Trust can be used to fund energy-saving projects such as the supply and installation of CHP. Unsecured, interest free loans are available for projects with carbon saving potential. Enhanced capital allowance and improved ratings for BREEAM.
  • Cogeneration - a stable technology

    Waste heat from the engine can be used to generate steam, hot or chilled water, and even additional electrical power. The IEA believe CHP is one of the most cost effective methods to reduce C02 emissions. Contact us today to start reducing your energy and operating costs.
  • Ask yourself this

    Do you need electric and thermal energy? If the answer is YES... then you could possible reap the economic benefits from a combined heat & power system installed by GA Power Solutions. Call us today on 01623 624005 for a real solution.
GA Power Solutions
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
Our Gas and CHP generators are from the most reputable & technology led manufacturers.  We only sell & install sets from the world renowned manufacturers like Cummins and FG Wilson, as well as the smaller modulating CHP systems with LoadTracker.  They come with full manufacturers support and warranty cover.

GA Power Solutions can supply modular CHP units with 6kW(e) / 13.5kW(th), 9kW(e) / 20kW(th), 15kW(e) / 30kW(th) or 20kW(e) / 40 kW(th) outputs. They are available in packages of up to 5 Combined Heat & Power units, representing a range of 6-100 kW(e) and 13.5-200kW(th)

Cogeneration, or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is a well proven technology which converts a single fuel, typically gas or diesel into both electricity & heat in a single process at the point of use. CHP Generators from GA Power Solutions provide a multitude of operational, environmental & financial benefits as they are highly energy efficient whilst supplying your organisation with power. To make contact with a project engineer today call us on 01623 624005.

gas and combined heat and power make the world go round - environmentally
The gas generators that we supply are driving some powerful new changes in the way organisations are viewing the world. With high reliability, durability and fuel flexibility, gas & CHP generator sets from GA Power Solutions are a well-proven technology. In the current economic climate, now is the ideal time to invest in cogeneration.

With energy demands ever increasing, alongside energy costs, organisations are seeking sustainable and efficient power generation solutions. Being in control of your own energy supply, keeping energy consumption & costs low, as well as minimising your greenhouse gas footprint are key benefits of CHP systems from GA Power Solutions.

Ranging from 10kVA to 1250kVA LPG and natural gas generators from FG Wilson, or 315kW to 2MW at 50Hz & 60Hz from Cummins, the gas generator product offering is comprehensive. Economical cogeneration systems are available at more than 100 MW 
Compact in size considering their power output, the new gas engine generator sets have been proven fuel efficient and clean burning in numerous installations around the world.

The Mini LoadTracker modular range of modulating CHP units, bring the benefits of combined heat and power to smaller buildings. The new Mini LoadTracker units are the XRGI 6 (6kWe/13.5kWth) and the XRGI 9 (9kWe/20kWth), together with the existing XRGI 15 (15kWe/30kWth) and XRGI 20 (20kWe/40kWth), are ideal for use in smaller care homes, residential blocks, fire stations, schools, health centres and larger private residences.

Cogeneration or CHP is the answer for organisations who want an environmentally friendly system to provide their buildings energy needs.  Its long-term future in the global energy markets is secure due to its ability to provide a multitude of operational, environmental and financial benefits.  By generating electrical power on site, the losses associated with electrical power transmission are reduced, and waste heat energy produced can be used for heating or cooling. 

from small scale chp to multi MW cogeneration systems
We also offer a fantastic micro CHP generator series including 3.87kw, 10kw and 25kw, which can be easily connected to the national grid by the application of an inverter. The inverter coverts direct current to alternating current to allow the electricity generated to be fed back into the grid, reducing initial unit cost and giving the opportunity to achieve 100% utilisation of the units.

The entire cogeneration range from this manufacturer covers 3.87kw to 2000kw in individual units, and includes 50Hz & 60Hz. We can also sell and lease bespoke CHP solutions which run from natural gas, biogas (60% methane), propane or biodiesel.

Natural gas fuel is more beneficial to the environment than other fossil fuels because emissions including CO2, NOx and SOx are comparatively smaller.  Cogeneration systems are more efficient overall than typical conventional electrical power generation, achieving reduced energy consumption, reduced C02 emissions and reduced energy costs. As an example, typical efficiency of central generation is around 35%, whereas CHP technology is more than twice as efficient at up to 85%.

The larger gas and CHP generators typically use the lean-burn gas generator set engine. CHP Generators from GA Power Solutions provide a multitude of operational, environmental & financial benefits as they are highly energy efficient whilst supplying your organisation with power Working directly with the main manufacturers, the service offering from GA Power Solutions is comprehensive; from consultation and design, to supply, installation and long term maintenance of the gas or CHP generator installation.



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Ten reasons to choose cogeneration from GA Power Solutions:

  • Significant energy savings and greater customer control of energy costs
  • Eligibility for CHP tax credits and "carbon credits" for reduced CO2
  • Increased power reliability and business continuity for critical operations
  • Measurable results
  • Single source supplier for generator, switchgear, installation, maintenance
  • Hands-off operations and maintenance with service agreements direct with manufacturer
  • Performance warranties direct with manufacturer
  • Proven technology using efficient gas engines
  • High heat quality, high fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • A hedge against rising energy costs
  • Improve your company’s financial, environmental and competitive performance

The Lean-Burn gas generator sets from Cummins are designed to provide reliable performance, high fuel efficiency and very low emissions for applications such as high-hour peaking, prime power and combined heat and power (CHP).  They also serve in dual-fuel standby power applications.  

Running on a lean mixture of fuel and air, this design significantly reduces the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and increases fuel efficiency. The result is a generator set with a high power output, maximum thermal efficiency and NOx emissions as low as 0.7 grams per brake horsepower–hour.

The emission levels of Cummins gas generators is reduced by an optional factory–integrated Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) after treatment, which reduces NOx emissions to levels that meet the most stringent air quality standards. Cummins lean–burn engines are capable of running on a variable quality gas, from pipeline natural gas to field gas, or even biogas with a methane number more than 40. 

We can offer a wide range of factory-designed options, and with world leading fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs, organisations from different industries are choosing gas generator power for prime power. Where standard gas generators do not meet your demands our team of gas and CHP experts will provide tailored products for even the most challenging and complex power requirements.

To find out more about what we can offer when it comes to gas and CHP generators, or to request a quotation or site visit, please contact us on 01623 624005.



generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  

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