generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk

generator & ups supply, generator hire & rental, generator & ups leasing

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 generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk  
generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, CHP generators uk

  • Is the grid enough?

    When the power fails... your organisation can fail... Backup generators are the new "must have gadget" for proactive organisations. Don't gamble the success of your future... Don't put your future in the hands of others... Generator Sales, Hire, Lease, Installation - The package.
  • Power independent

    With the national grids increasing reliability on unstable countries for our electricity and gas, its time organisations acted proactively to secure their energy. A generator aids you in becoming energy independent. Plan for future mains blackouts or brownouts by contacting GA Power Solutions today in order to obtain your free power assessment.
  • Gas & CHP generators

    Lean-burn gas generator sets are designed to provide reliable performance and very low emissions. Ideal for water treatment plants, landfill waste-to-energy as well as leisure facilities and hospitals, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power in one single, highly efficient process.
  • Something special?

    If you need an extra high electrical load not provided by singular generators, we can sell multiple generators that can be synchronised together, enabling a multi mega watt generator solutions. GA Power Solutions are truely your one stop shop for all of your generator sales needs.
  • Enclosed generators

    We can design and build bespoke canopies and containers for your generator package. When sound levels or temperature control require specialist know how, our team can make it happen. Whether it be for special military projects, or complex plant rooms, we can advise, design and supply the entire generator and ancillary package - leave it all to us!
  • What do you fancy...

    Cummins... Volvo... FG Wilson... Perkins... Olympian... Scania... Caterpillar...Pramac? These are just some of the generator manufacturers we can sell. Want something abit different? Don't worry, tell us what you want and let us find the ideal generator for you.
  • UPS - efficiency

    The ECO UPS systems we can supply prove that even a small saving in electrical usage generates substantial financial benefits These very real savings are quickly reflected by enhanced profitability. An ECO UPS can pay for itself in savings within 2 years when replacing an inefficient UPS system.
  • Turn us on today

    Power is not an option... its a necessity! If you want a generator or UPS solution to meet your operational and financial designs, you need to contact the specialists - call us today on 01623 624005 for a real solution.
GA Power Solutions
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
As a Complete Solutions Provider - we not only Sell & Lease Gas & CHP generator systems, we offer full Gas & CHP generator installation services. It is critical that you involve professionals in the installation of your efficient generator solution, for absolute business continuity. 

From initial design to long term care of the installation, we can offer a complete one stop solution. From mechanical to electrical installation, our engineers are fully qualified and hold invaluable years of experience of installation in almost every industry. The Gas & CHP systems we supply allow easy system installation and expansion, and can save customers up to 35% on overall energy costs.  

We can do as little or as much as you like, and can offer a complete turnkey package including full mechanical and electrical installation UK wide.  We are your installation experts and specialise in bespoke projects.  To contact a project engineer today
or for more information and prices, call us now on 01623 624005.
complete supply and installed solutions
Generator installation - one of the crucial steps to achieve a fully functional and efficient power solution.  Whether it is for a smaller micro CHP system or a larger 2MW Gas combined heat and power system; we offer a complete design and build installation service.

Why choose installation from GA Power Solutions:

  • Our unique service offering of skilled and experienced application engineers, project managers and sales, means we are a single port of call for any organisation looking to implement Gas or CHP generator systems
  • By being independent from any one manufacturer we are able to offer the best financial, operational and environmental benefits
  • Only major manufacturers offered ensuring long term security and maintenance options

From hospitals to distribution centres, schools to leisure centres, Gas & CHP generator systems have been installed across the UK, Europe and America. Our specialist application engineers will assess each project to advise on viability. A system will then be proposed using state of the art technology and I.T including identification of potential savings and energy saving benefits. 

As part of our Gas or Cogeneration installation services, CAD technology will be used by the team to help reduce the cost of installation, thus increasing the savings made during the equipments life-cycle, or bringing the payback point nearer.

Our comprehensive Gas or CHP generator installation solutions will take you right from the initial site survey to final commissioning and user training:

  • Power Protection Installation - for generator installation, we provide initial feasibility studies and offer a choice of gas and CHP generators to meet your requirements and budget
  • Design - we can design a standard or bespoke generator including ancillary products, providing full project management and turnkey solutions as required
  • Management - all required paperwork and procedures are put into place on a job by job basis including work programmes, method statements, risk assessments and manuals
  • Technology - full technical information and CAD drawings can be provided
  • Delivery - from simple delivery and offloading to crane solutions for distance or high loading
  • Installation - complete mechanical and electrical installation for your generator solutions, including final commissioning and end user training.
  • After-Sales - we not only train your staff in the operation of the gas or CHP system, we offer cover for the entire system with our 24/7 generator maintenance programmes.






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generator installation options:
Depending on your requirements, the Gas or CHP generator system will be bespoke to your application and requirements.  This type of energy management system has a wide range of applications from nursing homes, hotels, universities, health clubs to landfills.  Typical installation services include supply and connection of the Gas or CHP generator system by qualified electricians and engineers, heat exchangers, pipework, load cables, modifications of rooms and ducting, and commissioning. 

We also provide decommissioning and generator removal services. Our aim is to provide customers with a complete on site solution for the mechanical and electrical installation of generator systems.  No project is too small or too large, we have the team to meet your requirements.

Determining whether cogeneration or Gas generators are right for your facility begins with learning about how your building uses energy.  GA Power Solutions can help you evaluate every area of your building's energy usage so you can decide whether a Gas generator or CHP would be a available part of your energy management program. Almost any facility with a simultaneous need for both electric and thermal energy is a potential candidate for the energy saving benefits of CHP.

To find out more about what we can offer for generator installation, call us on 01623 624005.



generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  

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