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 chp, mini chp, micro chp, packaged chp, chp sales, chp installation, chp leasing, chp lease, chp maintenance, standalone chp
chp, mini chp, micro chp, packaged chp, chp sales, chp installation, chp leasing, chp lease, chp maintenance, standalone chp

  • What is CHP?

    Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems generate electricity and, as a by-product of the electrical generation, usable hot water is also produced. With our micro CHP LoadTracker the overall efficiency can exceed 80% at the point of use.
  • CHP & district heating

    Retrofitting to existing multi-residential accomodation, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, factories, schools & leisure centres is simplewith a fast return on investment. Properly designed & commissioned CHP District Heating schemes have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2.
  • Low carbon system

    Our small scale CHP units are small and modular but capable of large loads. The systems can operate in power or heat lead mode, and are controlled to modulate down to 40% of thier full load electrical output Hence there is no need to dump heat or sell back to the grid.
  • Operating benefits

    Low noise emission - low maintenance - independent control With noise levels similar to office conversation, service intervals of 8,000 hours and overhaul intervals of around 50,000 hours, and no interaction required with the buildings management system - the benefits are clear.
  • Green incentives

    Our micro CHP units reduce CO2 emissions as a result of the more efficient use of fuel, relative to power supplies from the grid and heat provided to conventional boilers. Combined on-site generation of electricity and heat can result in over 27% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Energy efficiency loans

    These loans from the Carbon Trust can be used to fund energy-saving projects such as the supply and installation of CHP. Unsecured, interest free loans are available for projects with carbon saving potential. Enhanced capital allowance and improved ratings for BREEAM.
  • CHP can benefit everyone

    In a nutshell... its a new boiler that provides you with free electricity. Its the only real way you can reduce your carbon emissions in many situations. From care homes, to offices, to supermarkets, factories and swimming pools. We are here to help!
  • Energy savings in practice

    Traditional fixed-output CHP units achieve only relatively small reductions in overall energy usage as they tend to be sized to match site baseload. Our CHP LoadTrackers can moudlate their output & achieve far higher energy savings. Multi-unit installations are the way forward.
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
GA Power Solutions and our design partners can supply modular CHP units with 6kW(e) / 13.5kW(th), 9kW(e) / 20kW(th), 15kW(e) / 30kW(th) or 20kW(e) / 40 kW(th) outputs. They are available in packages of up to 5 Combined Heat & Power units, representing a range of 6-100 kW(e) and 13.5-200kW(th)

These CHP units reduce energy bills because every combined heat and power installation can take advantage of the 'spark gap'. Which is the difference between a) the price of gas used by the Combined Heat & Power Unit (say, 3p/kWh), and b) the price of electricity charged for grid supply (say, 9p/kWh at day tariff.

For a single LoadTracker CHP unit from GA Power Solutions, this means that savings of approximately 5p per kWh of site-generated electricity are achievable.  When CHP systems are able to clock up even a few hours a day, then annual savings of many thousands of pounds become possible. Call us today to arrange a FREE ASSESSMENT of LoadTrackers CHP potential for your project on 01623 624005.

low carbon CHP solutions in 6-100kW(e) & 13.5-200 kW (th) - reduce your energy bills
GA Power Solutions together with our CHP partners bring to you two new Mini LoadTracker CHP models to our modular range of modulating CHP units, bringing the benefits of combined heat and power to smaller buildings.

With energy demands ever increasing, alongside energy costs, organisations are seeking sustainable and efficient power generation solutions. Being in control of your own energy supply, keeping energy consumption & costs low, as well as minimising your greenhouse gas footprint are key benefits of CHP systems from GA Power Solutions.

The new Mini LoadTracker units are the XRGI 6 (6kWe/13.5kWth) and the XRGI 9 (9kWe/20kWth), together with the existing XRGI 15 (15kWe/30kWth) and XRGI 20 (20kWe/40kWth). are ideal for use in smaller care homes, residential blocks, fire stations, schools, health centres and larger private residences.  The introduction of the new units, combined with the ability to combine up to five units, enables our CHP LoadTracker range to span outputs from 6kWe/13.5kWth to 100kWe/200kWth.

Our LoadTracker units are able to track site demand and modulate their output down to 40% of maximum output, providing a versatile solution for applications with variable loads. They are designed to match site electrical load, ensuring that the electricity generated never exceeds demand. A patented heat distributor maintains a constant flow temperature, so that LoadTracker units always produce high grade heat that can be used on site without ‘topping up’ from boilers, thereby optimising CHP operating times.

GA Power Solutions LoadTracker units are powered by a Toyota gas engine that combines high reliability with low maintenance requirements. All LoadTracker CHP units are supplied with a thermal storage vessel that stores surplus heat at 80-85°C.

CHP systems achieve far higher fuel efficiency (around 85% on gross CV) than is possible at main line power stations (only 40% approximately). The benefits of our CHP systems include:
  • Substantial savings by substituting grid electricity with their own supply
  • Compressed pay-back periods
  • Reduced usage of back-up gas boilers

Alongside our partners we will take care with the assessment of expected loads for any project proposal, to ensure there is good CHP potential. In particular, we spell out the expected benefits in terms of carbon reductions and cost savings. We are different to everyone else in that we will do as little or as much of the project as your require.

Click Here to contact us and see how our modular, modulating CHP design compares with conventional CHP, and obtain a FREE SUITABILITY ASSESSMENT for your project.

When our CHP units are part of residential developments, we can offer a range of Heat Exchange Modules for the consumer end. Energy metering can easily be included, together with efficient billing systems. The aim is to provide complete community systems.

Conventional fixed-output CHP units are usually sized to match the site base load, which means they usually only achieve relatively small reductions in the overall energy usage at the site as they do not contribute to site beyond usage base load as shown in Figure1.




Figure 1 - Non-modulating CHP electricity generation -"baseload" option


    micro CHP


     CHP solutions

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The LoadTracker CHP gas units are available in singular units up to 20kW (e) and 40kW (th). By using clusters of between 2 – 5 units, we can deliver up to 100kW (e) and 200kW (th) at any single installation. If our initial assessment indicates that your site is unlikely to benefit from our LoadTracker CHP, we’ll be the first to say so saving you time and money!

Besides supplying the DHW base load, LoadTracker CHP can also account for a significant portion of winter heating load. Two unique features make this possible: generator modulation down to 40% of maximum output (which allows continued operation in spite of low electric demand) and accurate control of thermal storage contents (which maximises the effectiveness of dealing with demand surges).

The LoadTracker CHP closely follows the fluctuations in site demand over daily and seasonal cycles. This dynamic response is instrumental to maximising LoadTracker CHP running hours. This is what makes it different from others in the industry.

We all have experience in buildings requiring refits, extension or even change of purpose during their lifetimes. These all result in changes to demand patterns. Where reassessment shows further heat production to be desirable, because our LoadTracker CHP lends itself to a ‘modular’ approach it can readily be extended by additional units. With our product gone are the days when an entire system needed to be replaced due to demand changes. Modular CHP is the more cost effective and energy efficient route.

Nothing should prevent the CHP system from achieving maximum operating hours. To this end, we’ll offer suggestions as to how to incorporate the LoadTracker CHP into plant room pipe work.

When your project transfers to site, we can provide continuing support through our installation partner. Commissioning and annual servicing can be part of the package just like with standard diesel generators and UPS systems we offer. We even offer remote monitoring of the new CHP system for the client’s peace of mind and to continually evaluate and advise on optimum efficiency.

With modulating CHP a greater share of energy demand can be covered by the CHP unit, meaning increasing savings as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Modulating CHP electricity generation -"plug & play" option

For more information about the application of Combined Heating & Power units and LoadTracker CHP services please contact GA Power Solutions
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