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 chp, mini chp, micro chp, packaged chp, chp sales, chp installation, chp leasing, chp lease, chp maintenance, standalone chp
chp, mini chp, micro chp, packaged chp, chp sales, chp installation, chp leasing, chp lease, chp maintenance, standalone chp

  • what is CHP?

    Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems generate electricity and, as a by-product of the electrical generation, usable hot water is also produced. With our micro CHP LoadTracker the overall efficiency can exceed 80% at the point of use.
  • CHP & district heating

    Retrofitting to existing multi-residential accomodation, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, factories, schools and leisure centres is straightforward with a fast return on investment. Properly designed and commissioned CHP District Heating schemes have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2.
  • low carbon system

    Our small scale CHP units are small and modular but capable of large loads. The systems can operate in power or heat lead mode, and are controlled to modulate down to 40% of thier full load electrical output Hence there is no need to dump heat or sell back to the grid.
  • operating benefits

    Low noise emission - low maintenance - independent control With noise levels similar to office conversation, service intervals of 8,000 hours and overhaul intervals of around 50,000 hours, and no interaction required with the buildings management system - the benefits are clear.
  • green incentives

    Our micro CHP units reduce CO2 emissions as a result of the more efficient use of fuel, relative to power supplies from the grid and heat provided to conventional boilers. Combined on-site generation of electricity and heat can result in over 27% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • energy efficiency loans

    These loans from the Carbon Trust can be used to fund energy-saving projects such as the supply and installation of CHP. Unsecured, interest free loans are available for projects with carbon saving potential. Enhanced capital allowance and improved ratings for BREEAM.
  • CHP can benefit everyone

    In a nutshell... its a new boiler that provides you with free electricity. Its the only real way you can reduce your carbon emissions in many situations. From care homes, to offices, to supermarkets, factories and swimming pools. We are here to help!
  • energy savings in practice

    Traditional fixed-output CHP units achieve only relatively small reductions in overall energy usage as they tend to be sized to match site baseload. Our CHP LoadTrackers can moudlate their output & achieve far higher energy savings. Multi-unit installations are the way forward.
GA Power Solutions
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
According to the Carbon Trust, CHP technology can potentially offer 30% C02 emission reductions, with similar cost savings, when compared to conventional mains electricity and gas-fired boiler heating systems.

These CHP units reduce energy bills because every combined heat and power installation can take advantage of the 'spark gap'. Which is the difference between a) the price of gas used by the Combined Heat & Power Unit (say, 3p/kWh), and b) the price of electricity charged for grid supply (say, 9p/kWh at day tariff.

For a single LoadTracker CHP unit from GA Power Solutions, this means that savings of approximately 5p per kWh of site-generated electricity are achievable.  When CHP systems are able to clock up even a few hours a day, then annual savings of many thousands of pounds become possible. Call us today to arrange a FREE ASSESSMENT of LoadTracker CHP potential for your project on 01623 624005.

combined heat and power systems
Any site that needs electricity and heat is a potential candidate for our Combined Heat & Power System. From the Micro CHP which we can provide for domestic applications up to 15 kW(e), to the large CHP lean-burn Cummins gas CHP systems of over 1 MW(e) for applications such as hospitals, quarry sites and large manufacturing plants.

The smaller Micro CHP systems we provide can be installed in clusters of up to 5 at a time, which means that LoadTracker installations cover the range between 15-100kW(e) and 30-200 kW(th).

These cluster systems broaden the number of projects potentially suited to a CHP system. The larger single unit CHP applications have been designed for leisure centres, HM prisons, specialist wards in hospitals and quarries.  The multiple unit cluster type Combined Heat & Power installations we provide are suitable for schools, offices, housing developments, large private residences and factories.

Benefits of CHP:

  • According to the Carbon Trust, CHP technology can potentially offer 30% CO2 emission reductions, with similar cost savings when compared to conventional mains electricity and gas-fired boiler heating systems
  • Generating electricity and heat together is more fuel efficient and thus less fuel is required to supply the same energy demand - reducing running costs.
  • If the CHP system is designed to use mains gas, further savings can be made because a proportion of the site's electricity requirements are met using mains gas, which is more cost-efficient than mains electricity, so overall energy costs are reduced.
  • The modulating output on our small scale CHP provides large load capacity using mains-gas or LPG
  • The LoadTracker CHP can be combined in series or parallel and in combination with a variety of other energy generation systems meaning they can be installed in a wider range of building types.
  • The modulation down to 40% of their full electrical power output on the smaller CHP systems is virtually instantaneous, ensuring that electricity generated never exceeds demand. Therefore there is no need to 'dump' heat or sell surplus electricity back to the grid at unfavourable rates.

For the free feasibility study all we require is existing or predicted data on electric and thermal loads for your site. From your gas and electricity consumptions data we will then prepare an assessment of CHP potential.

This assessment will be a reliable indicator of the number of units best suited to your site. It will also give a good estimate of the carbon reduction and cost savings which could be expected. It will reveal the percentage of site thermal and electric loads which would be accounted for by LoadTracker.

If the assessment suggests there is limited benefits of a CHP installation, we will tell you straight away!



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Benefits of CHP:
  • The PLUG & PLAY LoadTracker system means units can be approximately matched to building loads and then the units self-modulate to suit the conditions.
  • Low noise emissions - the smaller LoadTracker CHP systems achieve a noise level of only 49bD(A) at 1m - this is similar to office conversation
  • Cost effective maintenance at service internals of 8,000 hours
  • Requires no interaction with the Building Management System and can be monitored over the internet as required.
  • CHP can secure significant C02 reductions under SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) or SBEM (Standard Building Energy Modelling) assessments. Contributing valuable points for assessments carried out under the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM, enabling the desired ratings to be secured and smoothing the path to planning approval.
  • CHP provides good C02 savings relative to the initial capital cost and can further improve its contribution by the Low NOx version being supplied.
  • Energy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust can be used to fund energy-saving projects such as our CHP systems. There are no arrangements fees and repayment can be over 1 to 4 year periods.
  • Operators of CHP systems can claim Climate Change Levy exemption (introduced in 2001 and imposed on energy prices for non-domestic buildings) on fuel inputs to (and power outputs from) the CHP system.
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance since businesses can offset 100% of the capital cost of allowable technologies against corporation or income tax in the first year of investment, instead of being written down over 4 years. Significantly improving cash flow and reducing the payback period on the initial investment.

To find out about what we can offer in combined heat and power or CHP, call us on 01623 624005.


We can provide a CHP seminar or introduction presentation either at your premises or the demonstration offices in Surrey.

We would provide a thorough introduction to the suitable CHP system and explain the issues that can be anticipated with a CHP proposal.

To arrange one of these please contact us on 01623 624005.


generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  

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