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 smart STOR,  Triad, carbon reduction, co2 reduction, standby generation, smart grid, clean energy, renewable energy, energy security, flexible generation, load management
smart STOR,  Triad, carbon reduction, co2 reduction, standby generation, smart grid, clean energy, renewable energy, energy security, flexible generation, load management

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    What is is all about?

    The National Grid have released schemes where the demand side of the market such as hospitals, factories, hotels, offices, schools, & warehouses help relieve the stress on the supply during demand peaks when demand outstrips supply or when a large power station fails.
  • Low carbon London

    Together with our partners these smarter electricity networks will financially reward industiral and commercial customers for a more flexible and "greener" approach to their electricity demand. We help you access this revenue which can exceed 100,000 per annum.
  • STOR

    Sign up to a STOR agreement with your generator supplied by GA Power Solutions & receive predictable revenue for STOR capacity % utilisation. We will provide a free assessment & supply & install the necessary G59 connections to enable your generator to generate revenue.
  • Operating benefits

    The installed system will automatically run your generator as required, but you always remain the priority. If there is a power cut your generator will run for you. STOR & Triad help maintain & enhance the condition of your backup generator by running it on load - the benefits are clear.
  • Typical revenues

    Clients who take part in these energy reduction & STOR type agreements, can generate huge amounts of money per year. A food manufacturing plant could earn between 10 - 25,000 per year. supplies from the grid and heat provided to A Hospital could earn 25 - 150,000 per year.
  • DSBR

    The Demand Side Balancing Reserve policy is suitable for generator owners who can only offer their backup power on a limited basis. The agreement runs from November to February, Monday to Friday 4pm to 8pm. Your even given 2 hours notice of any utilisation call.
  • What we offer

    In a nutshell... as much as you want! If you need a generator we can help design, supply, install & maintain the enitre system including G59 connections. We provide a free assessment & help get the equipment connected & earning you revenue as quickly as possible.
  • Could you benefit?

    Almost every industry can benefit. From industrial to commercial sectors, from water to waste management to retail, logistics & cold storage. From leisure, financial services, manufacturing, media, hospitals & hotels. Our approach is unique. Contact us today.
GA Power Solutions = Generator & UPS Sales, Supply, Hire, Leasing, Installation & Maintenance of 5kVA - 3300kVA & multiples. GA Power Solutions turn your power supply problems into solutions saving you time & money. 

When your power fails, your organisation fails. With over 20 years experience we provide power solutions to all markets that require competitive & reliable generator & UPS solutions...
GA Power Solutions and our power demand management partners can offer ground-breaking contracts which encourage industrial and commercial customers to help reduce electricity demand on the mains network at peak times when called upon to do so, in return for payments.

With STOR fast acting generators are held in readiness so that National Grid's control centre can start them quickly if a large power station fails, or if demand was higher than forecast. You will require G59 in place to participate and we can provide these works for you if you do not currently have the infrastructure and assist with obtaining agreements.  

By switching to your back-up generator or increasing electricity output from your installed cooling and heating system which curtails the electricity demand from the network, these agreements are paving the way for the use of more low carbon source electricity such as from local CHP plants. Call us today for a FREE ASSESSMENT of Power Demand Management for your organisation on 01623 624005.

generate revenue and increased asset reliability whilst reducing your carbon emissions
STOR is one of the National Grid's key reserve purchases and it entails your generator being held in readiness so that if they need power they can call on your backup generator.

The National Grid will pay you a 'rent' (termed availability) for STOR capacity and pays a usage charge (utilisation) when the reserve is needed such as during peak demand or if a power station fails. You are aggregated into a "virtual power station" with other clients, to ensure your combined power makes a real difference.

STOR is a year round service but for most clients relatively low utilisation hours are targeted using the STOR pricing strategy, so that the majority of your revenue will come from availability payments. Availability is paid during key windows set by the National Grid. Typically an agreement may include for run times of up to 2 hours per call, plus a response time. On average you may be called upon for between 50-60 hours per year. During this time you can reduce your site load and/or export to the grid using your backup generator. This entails special connections which we can supply and install.

STOR is the largest incremental revenue opportunity for your standby diesel or gas-fired CHP generators, and has the lowest relative impact on generator run hours. It is the most important category of fast acting generation or demand reduction capacity which National Grid always holds to keep the electricity systems stable.  You would be part of a group which when called upon would start your standby generator, reduce your electricity consumption of the mains, or turn up your CHP and hydro generator. You earn revenue from allowing your energy equipment to be used in this way.

Does my generator need to synchronise with the mains?
Here's the options for running generators on demand management systems:
Full parallel running - generator starts, synchs with mains and ramps up to a fixed power output. The mains remains connected whilst the generator is running. The Local Distribution Network operator must giver you permission for this type of operation.
Short term parallel (STP) running - a soft load transfer or bumpless transfer. Generator starts and synchs with the mains, then ramps up power until the generator output equals the site load. The circuit breaker then oepns, and site runs in island mode. The Local Distribution Network operator must give permission for this type of operation.
Changeover or "break transfer" - site load is transferred with a break in the mains supply. Only suitable is the full site load is supported by a high integrity UPS system.

What's the catch?

There is not one. There are no penalty clauses. Working with our partner we use strong relationships and proven technology to guarantee performance.

How is running standby generators "good" for the environment?

Firstly no C02 is released in keeping a standby diesel generator in reserve, where there is for large power stations. Second, these generators only run when the oldest and most polluting power stations would otherwise be needed by the National Grid.

These schemes are suitable for any generator sized over 100kw if the necessary G59 connections are already in situ. If upgrades are required to an existing installation typically 500kw and above are suitable in order to achieve the pay back required.

We will provide an energy audit for FREE as part of your sign-up process. The demand response partner will install smart meters to measure your site consumption in real-time. You will be given access to reports and data for free.

The energy specialists will create a customised plan to reduce your power consumption.

Call or email us to find out more about how you can turn your existing generators, CHP or energy equipment into revenue generating or saving assets. If you do not yet have a generator and are considering having one installed, please speak with us today as we can provide the full solution including design, generator supply, G59 connections, installation, and the right agreement so that your generator may pay for itself within a few years.

Click on the image below to see how we will work with you on creating revenue from your generator


A 1100kVA generator (888kw of energy generation due to the 0.8 power factor) would create revenues/savings of around 12,000 revenue under STOR, or 23,000 per year in savings under TRIAD depending on postcode.

That's some serious revenue and that is why more and more organisations are asking us to either adapt a generator installation they currently have, or install a customised generator system to meet not only their operational needs, but to maximise their revenue/savings potential from STOR & TRIAD agreements.


    micro CHP


     CHP solutions

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What about the fuel I use in my standby generators?
Fuel consumed creates co2 emissions at your site, but these are less than the corresponding emissions that would have occurred if National Grid had been forced to purchase reserve electricity from elsewhere. The target annual run hours of operation under these systems are similar to a best-practice generator test programme. A well run set is a more reliable and tested system.

What's in it for me really?
Significant new revenue from your assets - National Grid will pay you to keep this virtual power station available, and pay you further should they need to use it. This turns your energy assets which were just cost items into direct revenue earners.
Know your equipment will work - Standby generators need to be run regularly on load to ensure that they provide reliable emergency power - otherwise any little issue in the system overall could prevent the generator backing up your site when you actually need it. If you only test your generator off-load you stand a much higher liklihood of failure of service when you really need it. Connect your asset to these systems and they are continuously monitored, highlighting any issues or concerns immediately.
Be green - help reduce C02 in the electricity industry - The power aggregators who provide these services to the National Grid are proviign a low-carbon source of reserve electricity. It reduces the need to keep coal and oil stations on hot standby or running inefficiently at part-load.

How do I know it won't disrupt my core business?
Your equipment is there for your core business and it takes priority at all times. Your site would have an inhibit switch installed which allows you to opt out of the "call" should the need arise. The installed system will also automatically opt you out of the "call" if any process parameters stray beyond agreed limits.

What about extra maintenance costs?
Utilisation hours are kept low. They are selected to minimise impact on maintenance costs. Our standard service agreements typically provide 2 services per year, or every 250 running hours. So there should be little if no effect. Fuel and maintenance costs are factored into our economic analysis, and the result is a substantial profit for you.

What will it cost me?
Some work will always be required. Some basic work such as in connecting our partners communication equipment to your controls for example. There may be a capital cost for G50 to allow the generator to run in parallel with the local distribution network, but we will include all of this in your initial report to determine the return on any investment for you.

What do site operators have to do?
The installed system is fully automated on most sites, so you do not need to have any routine involvement for the service to operate. You may decide you want the calls for power to go through a set control desk to give the site operators direct involvement in the process. But remember, you always have the ability to opt out should you have any concerns about the plant or your site requirements when a call is made.

I've got a standby diesel generator -what happens if there is a power cut?
We would have installed the system so that you have power supply priority at all times. When site needs the generator, these demand management services back off.  Remember, by taking part in these services, it should significantly reduce the risk that your standby generator fails to deliver during a power cut. An added bonus.



Our sustainable and energy efficient CHP power generating solutions mean you are in control of your own energy as well as keeping energy consumption and costs low. From small scale 6kWe systems to 1250kVA gas systems as individual units, our systems can be synchronised together to achieve the power or heat loads you require.



generator supply, generator hire, generator leasing, generator sales, generator rental, ups sales, ups leasing, new generators, industrial commercial generators uk  


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